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At Alice Family Eye Center, we carry a large variety of contact lenses.  We feature contact lenses from the top contact lens manufacturers in the industry.  Dr Garza recommends daily disposable contact lenses as the number one option to reduce the risk of eye allergies, infections, and other contact lens related complications.  We also fit harder to fit contact lenses for astigmatism, for keratoconus, etc.


Why should I buy my contact lenses from Alice Family Eye Center over online companies?

First, we order directly from the manufacturer.  This guarantees the freshest product possible.  Next, most newer lenses have minimum set prices so that prices are similar no matter where you buy.  Third, you know what you are getting and you know where you are ordering from.  Last, you keep the purchase local, are eligible for trials with your orders, and we can even direct ship to your home.

Do you fit bifocal contact lenses?

Yes we do!  We offer various brands of bifocal contact lenses to increase the success rate.  We also offer monovision and even fit RGP bifocals for harder to fit patients.

Can anyone wear contacts?

Just about.  While a few patient may be unable to wear contact lenses for health or other reasons, most can wear contact lenses without difficulty.


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